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Dear family, friends and other weirdos!

Please join us to help celebrate our wedding - which, for your convenience, we already took care of on December 28, 2011 - yes, we're that efficient. We will be celebrating with a cocktail reception on

Saturday, July 7, 2012
from 7:00 pm until 1:00 am

Plenty of hors d'oeuvres will be served and we will have a couple food stations so there's no chance you will go hungry {unless you're a nofoodatarian}. And, yes, of course, there will be a bar - which, according to AGCO rules, we are not allowed to advertise as 'open'.


We really appreciate you choosing the On-line RSVP. This will definitely help move things along faster on our end.

A few things to clear the air before you begin:

- Invitations addressed to a single person automatically get a '+1', which means your party could consist of 1 or 2 guests -

- Don't sweat the favourite song part and just do it! -
  № of guests:


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So far, so good!
Now if only we could get the title and artist's name of your favourite song...


...and now all you have to do is...



Balzac's Coffee Roastery
55 mill street / Building #60
Toronto, ON

We fell in love with this place right away and couldn't have found a more appropriate and lovely venue to celebrate our special occasion with all of you. Located in Toronto's historic Distillery district this rough beauty urban gem is where it's at, y'all!

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There's a decent parking lot right next to the venue, so for those of you coming by car - no problemo! You can access the parking lot from Parliament Street and can pay to leave your car over night if you decide to drink.

On that note: You don't need us to tell you not to drink and drive but please don't spoil our celebration by doing it anyway. There's a busy taxi stand on Mill Street a minute's walk from the venue and we would be happy to help pay for your cab to make sure you get home safely. {Unless you are trying to get a taxi to Latvia.}


Casual party-wear

Ok, here's the deal!
In a way this is just a party {at least that's how we see it}, so you should be as glamourous, fancy, comfortable, trendy or as chic or sporty as your heart desires and fashion sense suggests.

A few pointers though:

- July in Toronto is pretty hot -
- Ball gowns, suits & tuxedos are not required -
- outshining of the grooms will not be well received -
- Anything fashion forward will be appreciated -
- The fashion colour trends for Spring/Summer 2012 are:

Yeah, that's right -
it's a gay wedding celebration and fashion matters,
so get with the program! :)


Your presence at our celebration is present enough.
However, if you want to honour us with a gift, we have prepared the following registries.

William Ashley
The Bay